Slot Overview: 3 Dancing Monkeys

The Chinese calendar includes the monkey as one of the 12 animal signs. Characteristics of those born in the year of the monkey may include a good disposition, cunning, self-confidence, charm, and even arrogance. Things like this are obviously up to interpretation, and the information we’ve provided here is only a sampling of what we learned from the sites we checked out in the outset. It may be completely fake, or it could be the complete opposite. Really, nobody knows for sure. The 3 Dancing Monkeys slot machine, developed by Pragmatic Play and their partners at Wild Streak Gaming, is based on Asian culture. There are apes, but also three multipliers, hidden symbols, free games, and extra bets.

It’s also situated in what appears to be a simple cartoon world, with a blue, hazy sky, rolling hills, and what may be a pagoda in the bottom right corner painted in a simple cartoon graphical style. The genuine 3 monkeys from the story sit next to the game grid, each one connected to a different modifier and contributing significantly to the game’s attractiveness. They add a little of vitality to an otherwise dead landscape.

The betting increments in 3 Dancing Monkeys follow a peculiar pattern of increasing by 3, and the game may be played on any device. You may wager as little as 30 p/c every spin or as much as £/€150 per spin, whichever you like. It has a preset RTP value of 96% while playing the game normally or when purchasing free spins, making it a very volatile slot.

The game grid for 3 Dancing Monkeys can be seen to the left of the happy monkey trio; it consists of 5 reels, 3 rows, and a 243-ways-to-win pay structure. Typically, a winning combination consists of identical symbols appearing on three or more consecutive reels starting on the leftmost reel. In 3 Dancing Monkeys, the total number of winning symbols is 10. Five of them are the low-paying 10-A card royals, paying out between 0.33x and 1.17x the wager for a line of five, and five of them are the high-paying Asian slot-style symbols, paying out between 1.67x and 6.67x the bet for a line of five. On reels 2, 3, and 4, there is a wild symbol that may replace any other symbol excluding the Gem symbols.

Benefits of Playing 3 Dancing Monkeys Slots

The three monkey-linked modifiers, the Mystery symbols, and the purchase feature are the final features to check off.

Bonus Turns

There are red, green, and blue jewels on all of the reels, and they all have their own unique effects during the bonus spins round. There is a random possibility that the free spins feature linked to a certain gem will activate whenever it appears. When triggered, 5 more spins are awarded for every gem that appeared on the triggering spin. Then, one of these modifiers is activated for the free spins round based on whatever gem was hit on the triggering spin:

The red gem grants the Ways modifier, expanding the playing field to a 5×5 grid.

The Wild multiplier, where additional wilds appear on reels 2, 3, and 4, is triggered by the green gem.

The blue gem grants the Wins multiplier, increasing the odds of a win by 2, 3, or 5 times. Any win that includes a wild will have that win’s multiplier applied, and several multipliers will add together.

When a Gem appears during a free spin, it may activate its corresponding modifier for the remainder of the round if it was not already activated at the outset. If this occurs, you will receive 5 more free spins.

Confusing Symbol

Free games are the only time you’ll see the Mystery icon. If it lands, it will turn into a cash bonus or additional free spins. In this method, you may win anything from one more free spin to forty-two, or from thirty times to five thousand times your line wager.

Pay for Extra Spins

The cost to purchase the free spins option is 100 times the initial wager. If you purchase free games, the spin that activates the bonus will always produce two Gems.

A Slot Machine’s Decision Involving Three Tap-Dancing Apes

Okay, I’ll admit it: coming to a final opinion on 3 Dancing Monkeys was difficult. It wasn’t a game that thrilled anyone, but it also wasn’t terribly offensive. It was somewhere in the middle, with its simple visuals and generic artwork making it uninteresting at times but its three young yet kind simian characters making it fascinating at others. As the evaluation went on, the reviewers’ opinions swung wildly from “yeah” to “nah,” and the game’s legacy remains illusive and ethereal to this day.

One of the pluses is a free spins bonus round that doesn’t have to perform the same thing again and over. Gems are endowed with such might that they can activate extra round-long modifications. The modifiers themselves are mundane objects, but they can be helpful if they lead to an interesting result. Mystery symbols are also not terrible and have a certain ring to them, resembling just faintly the Coin symbol activity that Push Gaming is now engaged in, but in a different, more plain form. However, the game’s potential for success is the cherry on top of 3 Dancing Monkeys’ cake. The highest payout of 12,077 times the wager makes it sound like a better deal than getting rid of fleas.

What else can we say other that 3 Dancing Monkeys seems to be a must-watch for those who enjoy this genre? 3 Dancing Monkeys might be precisely what the doctor ordered if you’re in the mood for an Asian-themed slot featuring a lot of monkeys. Outside the game’s intended demographic, it’s hard to imagine 3 Dancing Monkeys being an indispensable part of your life.

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